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We might not be able to "work it" in the usual manner, but we're not going to let that stop us. Say hello to our latest feature, Work It From Home.

Each week, we open a door into the lives of our community as they reveal how they're styling it up from the comfort of their own home. Today, it's the turn of photographer Kristin Vicari, partner Nicolas, son Sasha and self-proclaimed best dog in the world, Teddy.

On Home

"We moved from France to the coastal town of Margate in England after buying a Victorian terraced house in December last year. We spent three months gutting and renovating the place; we were lucky to have moved in and finished it to a liveable standard days before the world was turned upside down. My favourite spot is the kitchen - I love the contrast of new paint and crumbling patches of wall."

On Routine

"I've been a freelancer for almost a decade, so I'm used to working from home when I'm not on set. The thing that's quite different now is that Sasha can't go to nursery so he's home while I'm trying to work. For his sake I try to keep things fun, so most afternoons we go for a walk on the beach near our home or we play in the garden."

On Style

"My style is varied: one day I'm in heels, a dress and I've actually brushed my hair and the next day you'll find me in comfy clothes wearing a pair of Nicolas' flats. These days I just wear whatever is easy to put on. I am thoroughly enjoying feeling relaxed."

On Winding Down

"Ah, the million-dollar question! Anyone out there with a three-year-old to look after who knows the answer, please let me know."

On Creative Outlets

"Luckily, we have a lengthy to-do list for the house to work through. I love painting the walls as I find it quite therapeutic. Unpacking our car-boot sale finds from France and styling up the house has really gotten my creativity going too. Being in lockdown has put into perspective how much I didn't appreciate what I already had, so there's a newfound joy in that."

On Future Plans

"I'm excited to be able to enjoy the beach properly with everyone else when we can do so again. The weather is so glorious now and we can't wait to hang out with our friends. The first thing I am going to do is give everyone a hug: my family, friends, even strangers. Take me to a house party or to our new favourite bar where I can enjoy cocktails with a crowd."

On Inspiration

"This period has really opened my eyes to how much people actually contribute to my life. I'm a natural loner, but the last few weeks have made me realise how much others inspire me. I don't mean just in books and podcasts either; people in everyday situations, people on set or people just going about their lives is where true inspiration lies."

On What Matters

"The last few weeks has made me realise what I should be grateful for: to have a home and to live in such a loving environment; to have creative and interesting work to do every day. There's a lot to be thankful for."

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